Humble Servants of Pelor

Robot Hole

The party delved into the pit, presumably from whence the slime cubes emerged. After travelling down about 50 feet, the party found themselves on a rickety wooden platform over mysterious swirling mists. Kairon, in a stroke of cleverness, threw some dirt at the mist and found it to explode. Shadlyn and Galtier applied their keen insight to the situation and announced it was movey-explodey-gas. One must move slowly to avoid setting it off.

Shadlyn found a trapped secret door and opened it, revealing a short hallway. The party went left to find a long, dark corridor. Kairon, in a stroke of not-very-clever-at-all, went right, awakening a squad of angry mechanical men.

Galtier’s attempts at diplomacy were interrupted when Shadlyn disabled a trap and picked the lock on a door. The mechanical men took this as a hostile act and introduced Shadlyn to the pointy end of their swords. Battle was joined, with Shadlyn and Li’Aenard holding the long corridor and the rest pushing into the room full of warforged mechanical men.

As the battle was waged, Shadlyn and Li’Aenard were also attacked by some kind of specter. The warforged regarded the specter as an enemy, and accused Shadlyn of unleashing the evil or somesuch.

With the warforged destroyed and the specter nowhere to be seen, the party took a short rest in the warforged soldiers’ room. Brief attempts to activate a trans-room teleporter yielded no fruit, and a careful examination of the device in the room was put off for after the breather.



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