Humble Servants of Pelor

Twisty Hallways and Evil Portals

Shadlyn disabled a trap that was worth, by purest coincidence, enough XP to get us to level 6. Horray!

After a bit of searching, and finding, the brave party headed toward the ominous chanting. There was a strange altar made out of treasure, and a summoning circle of unknown origin. Deciding to leave a thorough looting of the treasure for later, Kairon equipped a slick set of leather armor. The party proceeded to attempt a two-pronged attack on the chanting room.

Shadlyn bravely ran away, setting a cunning trap behind him, leaving poor Ansis alone on one half of the room. After much maneuvering and being set alight by firebats, the party regrouped, and through the combined heroic efforts of the entire party, Ansis survived the fight, and our hearty fellowship emerged victorious.

Also, Kairon teleported into a cage full of mind-slaves.

With the shadar’kai defeated, and their terrible plot to gate in a doom-army foiled, the Humble Servants of Pelor had accomplished their mission to uncover the evil happenings in County Westmore.

XP: 3500/5=700

Fiery Forge

Our adventures explored the twisting hallways of castle Westmore, finding their way to a closed door. With the strength of Pelor behind him, mighty Galtier slammed the feeble door out of the way. Inside was revealed a gang of scared townsfolk who lay scattered before the might of our heroes. An evil Shadar-kai Chainfighter stood in the middle of a forge, his menace was great and it urged the townsfolk into an attack. With quick thinking a deft diplomacy by the silver tongued Li’aenard, some of the townsfolk were convinced to instead stand in dumb founded inaction. Not all were smart enough and a one fell unconscious to the forceful blow of Galtier’s pommel.

The chainfighter was not the only threat our adventurers faced however, as twin wraiths emerged from the north and countless creepers fell from the ceiling upon Pelor’s chosen ones. Our heroes sensed victory as the chainfighter fell to their spells and steel, but the sinister Shadar-kai unleashed a wall of flames engulfing much of the room. Sadly, Ansis was burned and many townsfolk were devoured by the hungry flames. All was not lost however, as the humble servants quickly took advantage of the inferno and maneuvered their numerous foes into a smoldering death.

Our heroes took a quick rest as the flames subsided, however with the sounds of battle gone, and ominous chanting could be heard. In the next room stood an evil looking cage made of bone and evil. The party explored the room and deduced the chanting was coming from the west. They quickly made the decision to head east through a secret passage. However, the passage presented the greatest challenge the humble servants had yet faced, a heavy wooden door. It’s lock was no match for Shadlyn’s skillful fingers, but under the combined might of Galtier and second strongest member Li’aenard the door would not move. A moment of panic overtook the party, how would they defeat the dastardly door? Ansis remembered his past life as a lumberjack and made not so quick work of the door. It lay before them broken and defeated.

Filled with optimism from their recent victory over the evil secret door, the adventurers decided they could quickly dispatch the two wraiths hiding in the next room. Again they were taken by surprise by the seditious skulking of the crafty creepers. This pack of goons proved yet again that the forces of evil are no match for Pelor as they were mocked and smote into oblivion.

Forge Room XP: 3200/5 = 640
Hidden Wraith Creepers XP: 1100/5 = 220

Invader Murder Room

Kairon and Shadlyn went into the castle. They were cut off, but Shadlyn found the level to lift lower the portcullis. Using his dagger, Shadlyn uses the lever to release the portcullis and the group, along with the rabble, raise the portcullis. The group enters the castle. After entering the castle, the rabble tells the group about their condition. About 1 year ago the local kingdom was assaulted by gray looking humanoids. They fell to these invaders who were determined to be Shader-Kai. Once inside, the group was attacked by an guardian force of dark creepers and wraiths.  The party battled in Pelor's name and all but one dark creeper were dispatched.


400 for the portcullis 1100 for the monsters 500 for write up 2000/5 = 400

Having Fun Storming the Castle


We arrived at County Westmoore and found the outlying villages had been evacuated. There were signs of a struggle, although not of an invasion. We saw symbols or something suggestive of a bad death cult god. Seeing the castle in the distance, we approached, and were attacked by firebats.

Upon dispatching (and making tiki-torches of) the fire bats, we proceeded up the road to the castle, which showed signs of having been attacked in the not-too-distant past. We attempted to make diplomatic contact with the castle’s inhabitants, but a spooky gray dude with big eyeballs and a wicked spiked chain came out and tried to run us off.

Undeterred, we insisted that we needed answers to the doppleganger questions. When he realized our persistence, the gray guy set his press-gang of minions on us. Though burly they were, they fought without heart, and secretly asked for salvation from their fates. We nearly killed the chainflinger fellow, but his body fell within the castle portcullis. An unknown agent or agents took his body deeper into the castle. The party tried to follow, but only Shadlyn made it under the portcullis. Kairon teleported in, too, and that’s where we left off.


(1050 + 800 + 5) = 371

Wights in the wind

The party discovered how to make the robot-men’s teleporter work. We found some treasure, and went farther into the hallway. We fought many undead, and found some more treasure!

Robot Hole

The party delved into the pit, presumably from whence the slime cubes emerged. After travelling down about 50 feet, the party found themselves on a rickety wooden platform over mysterious swirling mists. Kairon, in a stroke of cleverness, threw some dirt at the mist and found it to explode. Shadlyn and Galtier applied their keen insight to the situation and announced it was movey-explodey-gas. One must move slowly to avoid setting it off.

Shadlyn found a trapped secret door and opened it, revealing a short hallway. The party went left to find a long, dark corridor. Kairon, in a stroke of not-very-clever-at-all, went right, awakening a squad of angry mechanical men.

Galtier’s attempts at diplomacy were interrupted when Shadlyn disabled a trap and picked the lock on a door. The mechanical men took this as a hostile act and introduced Shadlyn to the pointy end of their swords. Battle was joined, with Shadlyn and Li’Aenard holding the long corridor and the rest pushing into the room full of warforged mechanical men.

As the battle was waged, Shadlyn and Li’Aenard were also attacked by some kind of specter. The warforged regarded the specter as an enemy, and accused Shadlyn of unleashing the evil or somesuch.

With the warforged destroyed and the specter nowhere to be seen, the party took a short rest in the warforged soldiers’ room. Brief attempts to activate a trans-room teleporter yielded no fruit, and a careful examination of the device in the room was put off for after the breather.

The story so far (abbreviated)

Short version: We rolled into town, found the tavern infested, killed a young white dragon and his army of kobolds. We followed Esmerelda, who was totally in league with the white dragon, into the dark forest. There were kruthik, halflings (who turned out to be ok) and goblins. Oh, and Esmerelda was actually a dragon. We found that out when we killed her. We came back to town, and we were attacked by dopplegangers. They were everywhere! We found out they were coming from the neighboring county, so we headed in that direction.

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