Humble Servants of Pelor

Twisty Hallways and Evil Portals

Shadlyn disabled a trap that was worth, by purest coincidence, enough XP to get us to level 6. Horray!

After a bit of searching, and finding, the brave party headed toward the ominous chanting. There was a strange altar made out of treasure, and a summoning circle of unknown origin. Deciding to leave a thorough looting of the treasure for later, Kairon equipped a slick set of leather armor. The party proceeded to attempt a two-pronged attack on the chanting room.

Shadlyn bravely ran away, setting a cunning trap behind him, leaving poor Ansis alone on one half of the room. After much maneuvering and being set alight by firebats, the party regrouped, and through the combined heroic efforts of the entire party, Ansis survived the fight, and our hearty fellowship emerged victorious.

Also, Kairon teleported into a cage full of mind-slaves.

With the shadar’kai defeated, and their terrible plot to gate in a doom-army foiled, the Humble Servants of Pelor had accomplished their mission to uncover the evil happenings in County Westmore.

XP: 3500/5=700


If/when we pick this up again, I’m going to want to do a thorough investigation of the castle. I’m guessing we didn’t vanquish all the evil there, nor did we uncover all the evidence we might have about what was going on. We could leave most of the treasure we find as funds to get the county seat back on its feet and to fund rebuilding of the villages etc. Perhaps we’d even send a messenger back to the central church explaining the opportunity for an authoritative religious figure to move in and fill the power vacuum that was certainly left behind.

Besides, we need to get back to County Gray Winds and explain what’s up with the Doppelgangers.

Twisty Hallways and Evil Portals

Everyone gets an arbitrary amount of experience to be awarded when we resume! Might it be enough to level up? Multiple times?! Only time will tell.

Twisty Hallways and Evil Portals

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