Humble Servants of Pelor

Invader Murder Room

Kairon and Shadlyn went into the castle. They were cut off, but Shadlyn found the level to lift lower the portcullis. Using his dagger, Shadlyn uses the lever to release the portcullis and the group, along with the rabble, raise the portcullis. The group enters the castle. After entering the castle, the rabble tells the group about their condition. About 1 year ago the local kingdom was assaulted by gray looking humanoids. They fell to these invaders who were determined to be Shader-Kai. Once inside, the group was attacked by an guardian force of dark creepers and wraiths.  The party battled in Pelor's name and all but one dark creeper were dispatched.


400 for the portcullis 1100 for the monsters 500 for write up 2000/5 = 400


Hooray! Everyone gets 100 xp!

Invader Murder Room

I embettered your description. Mostly, I capitalized Shadlyn’s name. Y U H8 harflings?

Invader Murder Room

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