Humble Servants of Pelor

Fiery Forge

Our adventures explored the twisting hallways of castle Westmore, finding their way to a closed door. With the strength of Pelor behind him, mighty Galtier slammed the feeble door out of the way. Inside was revealed a gang of scared townsfolk who lay scattered before the might of our heroes. An evil Shadar-kai Chainfighter stood in the middle of a forge, his menace was great and it urged the townsfolk into an attack. With quick thinking a deft diplomacy by the silver tongued Li’aenard, some of the townsfolk were convinced to instead stand in dumb founded inaction. Not all were smart enough and a one fell unconscious to the forceful blow of Galtier’s pommel.

The chainfighter was not the only threat our adventurers faced however, as twin wraiths emerged from the north and countless creepers fell from the ceiling upon Pelor’s chosen ones. Our heroes sensed victory as the chainfighter fell to their spells and steel, but the sinister Shadar-kai unleashed a wall of flames engulfing much of the room. Sadly, Ansis was burned and many townsfolk were devoured by the hungry flames. All was not lost however, as the humble servants quickly took advantage of the inferno and maneuvered their numerous foes into a smoldering death.

Our heroes took a quick rest as the flames subsided, however with the sounds of battle gone, and ominous chanting could be heard. In the next room stood an evil looking cage made of bone and evil. The party explored the room and deduced the chanting was coming from the west. They quickly made the decision to head east through a secret passage. However, the passage presented the greatest challenge the humble servants had yet faced, a heavy wooden door. It’s lock was no match for Shadlyn’s skillful fingers, but under the combined might of Galtier and second strongest member Li’aenard the door would not move. A moment of panic overtook the party, how would they defeat the dastardly door? Ansis remembered his past life as a lumberjack and made not so quick work of the door. It lay before them broken and defeated.

Filled with optimism from their recent victory over the evil secret door, the adventurers decided they could quickly dispatch the two wraiths hiding in the next room. Again they were taken by surprise by the seditious skulking of the crafty creepers. This pack of goons proved yet again that the forces of evil are no match for Pelor as they were mocked and smote into oblivion.

Forge Room XP: 3200/5 = 640
Hidden Wraith Creepers XP: 1100/5 = 220


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Fiery Forge

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